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Made by tree was established many years ago by Alyson a woodworker and pyrography artist with an in depth knowledge of wood, how it works, what it does in different climates and the correct type of wood to be used for certain projects. Alyson was continually asked to supply backings to other crafters and commercial companies which is how MBT craft blanks was established.  MBT only use the best grade of every wood in our workshop, all our wood is sustainable sourced and from FSC approved forest giving you piece of mind. We only use kiln dried A grade furniture pine, oak, birch plywood, sycamore, oak, ash veneer and tulipwood.  All our woods are slow grown meaning they are stronger and more robust, CLS, C24 or any builders type of woods are unsuitable the forced fast growth means far more movement and extremely soft.

Our wood goes through a long process before it reaches you.  We understand to many a piece of square wood is a piece of square wood but this is far from the case.  All wood needs special treatment be it softwood, hardwood or live edge.  Wood needs time to rest and acclimatise to its new environment as mostly its spent its time with importers on ships or outdoors wrapped in plastic.

Our process starts by immediate stacking our wood with air flow when it arrives and moisture testing so we know its process over the next month whilst we leave it be to rest this is a hugely important process so it gets the least shock when leaving us beong a long established business we have the space to do this.  Live edge hardwood we can leave up to a year so its absolutely perfect.

Once the wood is well and truly rested we can start the process of making your beautiful craft blanks.  We start by cutting them to size which shock people we lose about 20% of stock at this point due to cracks, Warps or marks, onto the sander we go our 2010mm x 150mm sanders where we expertly and carefully sand each one on every side on a 100 grit then off to the other sander to a 240 grit and by far the most important process.  The sanding is done carefully in every area to allow the stain to adhere smoothly.  Off the blank go's to the staining and packing room.  Once again each side is by hand dipped into a stain bath then carefully left on our special drying racks ready to pack and send to our customers.

Every single blank you buy from us goes through this lengthy process to supply quality and longevity to you our customers

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