35 x 35cm x 18mm block solid wood plaque craft blank

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PLEASE NOTE: Size may vary slightly due to wood being a natural product.

Our beautiful solid kiln dried rested pine is from an FSC approved supplier. All our wood is furniture/joinery grade red pine NOT builders grade c24 or c16.  As a trade seller we only use the correct wood which is fit for purpose. The wood is lovingly processed to make our beautiful craft blanks.  With years of experience we know exactly how to do this through seasons giving you the best possible quality product.

Our blanks are available in multiple stain options with or without holes.

Our colour swatch is to give an idea on the stain choices please understand wood is a natural product and will hugely vary piece by piece due to being a natural product. With wood being a natural product it may contain knots, shakes and natural defects, we always make sure one side is absolutely perfect and ready to use.  Sizes may vary by 5mm please understand wood had natural movement and may shrink and expand by a couple of mm.

as always any questions please ask or have a full read of our t&cs for more information